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About Us

TorHans® is the leader in aerodynamically developed and tested hydration systems for cyclists and triathletes.

TorHans was founded by two passionate cyclists and a serial entrepreneur who found that the hydration products on the market were poorly designed and executed. TorHans was born with a mission to create a sea of change in aero hydration systems for Cyclists and Triathletes.

We spend countless hours scheming of ways to make things appear not to be there. We sketch, we doodle, we scribble. We use napkins, iPads, airline tickets. We stare at airflow models. We spend days in the wind tunnel experimenting, changing, testing. We Conspire Against the Wind®. We trick it and we cheat it. Why? Because we are TorHans. We are committed to bringing you the fastest, most aerodynamically efficient hydration products available on the market today. We do it because, like you, we'd use nothing less.


Inventor, designer, iPad doodler and dad. Tor has the unique ability to make all things look cool. His entrepreneurial passion for creating brands has led to national recognition, next comes fame and fortune!


Cyclist, triathlete, pilot, and dad. Hans is fascinated with how objects move through the air. His passion for aerodynamics and all things cycling has lead Hans to continually innovate at the leading edge of technology.