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Aero Series Velcro Strap


Aero20 - Silver


AERO20™ Aerodynamic Hydration System with Spill and Splash Proof Cap


AERO30™ with New Spill/Splash Proof Cap

$64.95 Sold Out



AeroFlow™ Straw Housing

$8.95 Sold Out

AeroMount Aero Hydration System Mounting Bracket


AeroTray™ Aero Computer Mount




Bento X™

$44.95 Sold Out

Custom Logo Flag Stickers (Set of two)


Custom TorHans logo stickers (Set of two)


Replacement Magnet Pad - AeroZ


Replacement Straw for AeroZ™


Splash Barrier


TorHans Terry Cloth Wristband w/zipper stash


VR Bottle

from $24.95

VR System - Wrap Around Mount-Only for FELT DA & B Series Frames


VR™ System - Surface Mount

$29.95 Sold Out

XFlow Closed Cap


XFlow Fill-On-The-Go Cap